Function and effect of Silicone Protective Sleeve

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With the widespread popularity and application of Silicone products, silicone Protective shell has long been indispensable in our daily life. Let everyone know the most intelligent mobile phone products Silicone Protective Sleeve, tablet computer cover and Bluetooth headphone cover, etc. With the wide extension of custom categories and the safety characteristics of silicone material, At present, it is used in a number of industries, perhaps your products can also give it a set of protection!

At present, there are two core reasons why Silicone Protective Sleeve must be equipped with silicone protective sleeve. First, silicone material is the only choice for expensive electronic products. Then, the other one is functional, such as non-slip, temperature resistance and heat insulation. Outdoor dust-proof waterproof and so on this aspect is also one of its main protection objects.

So silicone material in a variety of fields, if you have this kind of problem, you can immediately ask whether you can make a sheath to cover it, avoid damage, and the characteristics of silicone material must be understood by many consumers, temperature resistance, environmental protection, anti-fall, waterproof and wear-resistant, and can also be customized with different colors and patterns, In the appearance and practical products, its function and beauty can meet the product effect, so the natural consumer's favor.

What products can Silicone Protective Sleeve be used on?

The application of Silicone Protective Sleeve is basically indiscriminate in any field and can be applied to any industry, as long as the product can be brought with it. At present, it can be found in the fields of electronics, small equipment, daily necessities, kitchenware, household goods, gift protection and so on. Therefore, the main protection of your products can be customized design to protect, according to the needs to consider customized requirements.

In fact, from the functional point of view, the use of silicone sheath function is larger, so the basic many electronic furniture category of products use it accounts for a higher percentage, its main protection function is to prevent product friction damage, product anti-fall shock absorption, high sex damage, prevent dust into the beautiful effect and other functions.

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