Some functions of lip gloss

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Some functions of lip gloss, make-up is a compulsory course for every woman. Lip makeup is also a part. A good lip makeup can enhance our complexion and play a role of finishing touch. Some people like to use lip gloss for lip makeup, let's take a look at some of the functions of lip gloss

Some functions of lip gloss 1

lip gloss effect

Makes lips moist and three-dimensional after coloring; especially outstanding when pursuing special makeup effects.

1. The texture is different

1. Lipstick is the most primitive and common lipstick, which is generally solid and drier and harder than lip gloss.

2. Lip gloss is generally in the form of condensation. Now many new products are also cream-like, but they will be hydrated immediately after being applied on the lips, which is the biggest difference from lipsticks. Lip gloss is in the form of viscous liquid or thin paste, rich in various highly moisturizing oils and glitter factors, and contains less wax and color pigments. Crystal clear, moisturizing and light.

2. The degree of moisture is different

1. Lip gloss is more watery than lipstick. After applying it, the lips will appear more supple and more glossy to make the lips more three-dimensional. However, the moisturizing effect of lip gloss is far inferior to that of lipstick. The second-time lip gloss not only has no moisturizing effect, but it will also take away the moisture from your lips and evaporate it.

2. The lip care effect and skin feel of lipstick are not as good as lip gloss, and it is not moisturizing enough. It often makes people feel that the lips will be dry after an hour. Therefore, you must apply lip balm to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick.

3. The appearance of the state is different

Lipsticks are generally solid, and the texture is drier and harder than lip gloss and lip gloss. The lip care effect and skin feel are not as good as lip gloss and lip gloss. They are not moisturizing enough, and often make people feel that the lips will be dry after an hour. Therefore, you must apply lip gloss to moisturize your lips before applying lipstick.

The lip gloss comes in a stick shape with a brush. Generally, the color of lip gloss is thicker than that of lip gloss, with stronger covering power and richer colors. Solid lip gloss works similarly to lipstick.

Some effects of lip gloss 2

How to use lip gloss

There are actually many usages of lip gloss, and different usages will have different effects.

The first usage:

Only use lip gloss. Many young girls only use lip gloss instead of lipstick. The advantage of using it this way is that it is more convenient, even if you don't need to apply it in front of the mirror, it is no problem. At the same time, it will not look old-fashioned, and it will give the lips a fresh feeling without being too gaudy.

Second usage:

Cover with tone-on-tone lipstick. The characteristic of lipstick is that it can make lip makeup pure and delicate, but the disadvantage is that it may be dull.

Therefore, you can choose a lip gloss that is the same color as the lipstick color, which will not affect the characteristics of the entire makeup, and at the same time make the lips more moist and full.

The third usage:

Increase the three-dimensional effect. In fact, if you have lipstick as a primer, your lip gloss does not need to cover the entire lip, you can just apply it to the center of the lip, and you can choose a lip gloss that is different in color from the lipstick, which may have a strange three-dimensional effect, which will appear Dreamy and smart.

ingredients of lip gloss

1. Lipstick pigments: organic pigments or minerals, giving lip gloss different colors.

2. Wax: Make the lip gloss have a certain cohesion to effectively outline the lip shape.

3. Vitamin E and other natural plant essences protect and moisturize lips.

4. Some special ingredients: give different lip glosses different coloring effects, and meet different needs of users.

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