How to maintain disc brake pads

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With the popularity of cars and people's attention to driving safety, disc brake pad as an important part of the automobile brake system, has become one of the key points in vehicle maintenance. Correct maintenance can extend the service life of brake pads, improve driving safety, so this article will introduce how to maintain disc brake pads, make it more lasting.

1. Keep brake pads clean

Brake pads after a long time, it is easy to accumulate dust, sand and other substances, these substances will affect the friction performance of the brake pads, resulting in reduced braking effect. Therefore, it is very important to keep brake pads clean. When washing the car, you can use a water gun or water pipe to wash the surface of the brake pad, pay attention not to use hard objects or metal brush to scrub, so as not to scratch the surface of the brake pad.

2. Avoid sudden braking

Sudden braking will lead to a sudden rise in the surface temperature of the brake pads, which will aggravate the wear of the brake pads, and may even lead to deformation and chapping of the brake pads. Therefore, keep a safe distance when driving and avoid braking sharply, especially on highways and other roads.

3. Timely replacement of brake pads

After using the brake pad for a period of time, its braking performance will gradually decline due to wear and tear. If not replaced for a long time, it may lead to serious wear and tear of brake pads, affecting driving safety. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the brake pads within the specified time or mileage.

4. Pay attention to the replacement of brake oil

Brake oil is an indispensable part of brake system, its performance directly affects the braking effect. Outdated brake fluids can affect the heat dissipation performance and corrosion resistance of the brake system, resulting in brake failure. Therefore, it is recommended to replace the brake oil according to the time specified by the automobile manufacturer.

In short, maintenance disc brake pads need to pay attention to a number of aspects, including keeping clean, avoiding sudden braking, timely replacement of brake pads and pay attention to the replacement of brake oil, etc. Only correct maintenance, can prolong the service life of the brake pad, improve driving safety.

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