Soft Tiedown Precautions when fixing plastic products

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Soft Tiedown when tying fixed objects, if it is found that the bound objects are plastic products, in order to avoid the occurrence of loss caused by incorrect use method, it is necessary to pay attention to the tying strength of the tensioner binding, and the placement of the metal handle and the metal accessories at the end of the tensioner. Because the carrying capacity of plastic is low, such as excessive binding will destroy the binding, and the placement of metal parts is the same, so attention should be paid to it.

When the tensioner is used to bind the fixed object, the tensioner (the part tightened by the ratchet) should be arranged on the part with the larger bearing capacity of the binding, because the whole set of Soft Tiedown has the same force when tightening the polyester webber, while the metal handle will cause greater damage to the object due to the material reason, so if the binding has poor bearing capacity, the appropriate position should be selected.

The metal fittings at the end of the cargo tensioner will also cause damage to the binding if the fixed position is not appropriate, so it is necessary to be more careful when fixing the plastic products to avoid the loss caused by the improper use of the tensioner.

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