BMC Mould

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BMC Mold BMC is an abbreviation for Bulk Molding Compounds, Bulk Molding Compound. BMC is a thermosetting plastic that is mixed with a variety of inert fillers, fiber reinforcement materials, catalysts, stabilizers and pigments to form a viscous "putty like" composite for compression or injection molding. Granular, log or long strip shape, easy to follow up processing and molding. BMC has many unique properties, such as high hardness, light weight, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, good insulation, excellent thermal properties, etc., making BMC more satisfactory than thermoplastics. At the same time, since many parts can be molded at the same time as these parts, there is no post-processing, which is more economical from a production point of view. Currently, BMC Mould has been used in automotive, energy, electrical appliances, food and beverage services, home appliances, optical instrument components, industrial and building supplies, etc. Dacheng Mould is engaged in the design and manufacture of hot-press moulds for BMC composite molding moulds, and has developed a number of BMC Mould products, such as tail lampshade, electric box, electric meter box, etc.

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