Water Cooled Chiller

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We have been focusing on the field of industrial temperature control, is a collection of research and development, production, sales of temperature control equipment manufacturing enterprises. Our main products are: pump, Water chiller, oil circulating mould temperature machine, water circulating mould temperature machine, freezer, screw water cooling unit, oil heater, electric heating oil boiler, gas heater Roots fan, central feeding system, roots blower, mold temperature machine, industrial pump. 

High and low pressure protection, internal overheating protection

Low water level alarm device, low water temperature anti-ice alarm

Adopt compressor imported from Europe, America and Japan

The welding of refrigeration system adopts oxygen-free welding method to reduce oxide and smooth surface

The throttling parts are danfoss from Denmark and Eco from America

The water tank adopts SUS304 stainless steel to avoid corrosion and leakage

Adopt stainless steel plate, coil, shell and tube, fin type high efficiency heat exchanger

RS485 communication function, realize automatic management


Control mode: imported microcomputer or PLC control

Perfect safety protection, fault display, repair and maintenance without professional personnel

High efficiency evaporator and condenser, can save energy more than 30%

Ac-08 above using two groups of compressor heads, can be used alone or together

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