Roof Adjusta Dock

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Auwell is a customer-oriented one-stop solution provider for product development, offering customers comprehensive project management services, from practical consulting solutions to your custom manufacturing requirements. 

If the client would like to develop a new product, just give us ideas and/or specifications, Auwell will provide comprehensive services from concept design, prototype, engineering design, tooling, sampling and manufacturing. Auwell also provides support for marketing and post-sale services upon requests.

If you are patent holder, Auwell is the absolute option for bring your innovation to the market. Our professional team will help to transfer the patent idea to engineering drawings and develop the samples at cost effective way, helping to develop marketing through our powerful partners worldwide, organize the mass production and logistic for clients.

This unique Roof Adjusta Dock product was firstly designed and developed by Auwell in year 2008. It has been well distributed to the Home Depot, RONA and Lowe in Canada and United States. It is also called Adjustable Roof Bracket or Roof Extreme Bracket.

This Roof Adjusta Dock is a heavy-duty roof scaffolding bracket with a crank handle that enables the user to adjust the bracket angle to the exact pitch of the roof. This Roof Adjusta Dock can be adjusted 1 degree at a time from 18 to 90 degrees.

Effortlessly adjusts from 18 to 90 degrees by simply turning the crank handle to match scaffold plank elevation with the exact pitch of the roof. This Roof Adjusta Dock can also be quickly adjusted by screwdriver or, power driller. The Roof Adjusta Dock has an elevation guide that shows the user the exact pitch the bracket is set at side of the bracket.

Roof Adjusta Dock features heavy duty industrial winding mechanism and heavy-duty rivets which are zinc plated to prevent corrosion and rusting. Load tested to 3000 lbs., Meets OSHA Guidelines for safe roof staging.  

This Roof Adjusta Dock also features an adjustable scaffold support which accepts 2x10” planks ranging from 2-2.5" thickness. Also, 2x6” is available. 

Each Roof Adjusta Dock is powder coated in Yellow, which makes them highly corrosion-resistant and highly visible on the job site. Durable, easy-to-install and remove and designed to protect all roof surfaces. 

Auwell is the manufacture that produces and exports this Roof Adjusta Dock product to North American market in last 10 years. We are able to offer the products with clients’ brand name, trade mark and color scheme. Distributors that are interested in this product, please contact us for details.

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