Antistatic Super Clear Soft PVC Film

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Polysan has supplied superior antistatic, super-clear soft PVC film for years. There is electrostatic activity on the film surface caused by friction, which leads to the capture of dust and pollutants. In the production of the antistatic super clear soft PVC film, antistatic agent and antistatic masterbatch are added to perform the function of the electrostatic dissipative.

Antistatic, super-clear soft PVC film is developing fast in the China market. The surface of the antistatic soft PVC film is static-dissipative. The static dissipative state avoids charge buildup on the surface of the soft PVC film that could generate dangerous sparks. We produce qualified antistatic soft PVC film that complies with the ISO 9000 quality system and the ISO 14001 environment management system.

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