The Brief Introdcution to Natural Citral Food Grade CAS5392-40-5

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Natural Citral Food Grade CAS5392-40-5 is high quality in stock; GC purity is not less than 96%.Natural Citral Food Grade CAS:5392-40-5 is an edible spice allowed in China and can be used to prepare fruit type edible essence such as strawberries, apples, apricots, oranges, lemons, etc. According to the normal production needs, the dosage of Chemicalbook is generally 1.70 mg/kg in gum sugar, 43 mg/kg in baked food, 41 mg/kg in candy, 23 mg/kg in cold drinks, and 9.2 mg/kg in soft drinks.Natural Citral Food Grade (CAS: 5392-40-5) can be provided as a free sample for testing.Natural Citral Food Grade (CAS: 5392-40-5) is widely used in all aspects requiring lemon aroma. 

After more than a decade of development, Odowell Group's aroma business demand is increasing. In order to incorporate our bio-based products in clients’ supply chains and add value to the goal of sustainability, Kunshan Odowell is delighted to introduce bio-based products manufactured from natural raw materials, such as bio-ethanol, adhering to one of the green chemistry principles.  The company’s business scope is extended to join together with top aroma manufacturing groups in the Chinese aroma ingredients market to make the flavors and fragrances industry's vast knowledge of R&D, production, sales, and service of supplies more efficient and comprehensive.

Relying on rich local sweet potato resources and Southeast Asian imported cassava, the group produces ethanol by fermentation as well as its downstream fine chemicals by intensive processing. At present, the Group's business covers raw Ingredients for personal care products, food/feed additive, pharma/agro Intermediates, liquor, bio-energy, water treatment, commercial distribution and etc.

Highly competitive prices, speed of supply, and quality of service to achieve As Good as It Gets. We support minimum orders and offer trials of new products. We are willing to let customers first understand us and our common growth to achieve win-win cooperation! The group has mastered leading technologies and techniques. With the support of the world's most advanced production equipment, we guarantee to offer high-quality and high-standard products.

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