The Brief Introduction to Electronics Magnet

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The Deko® electronics magnet is made of N52M grade with black epoxy coating; the SST test has passed 200 hours; to get a suitable glue result, we made it with at least 38 dyne surface tension. Electronics magnets from China factories are the top requirement in magnet production; the customer always requires better quality and more difficult shapes and tolerances, and the coating is consistently improved. The Deko® Electronics magnet is inspected by an automatic machine for shape, tolerance, colors, burrs, and broken edges; it controls the quality at a high level.

Deko Magnetics has worked on magnet production for 16 years. We know about the use and protection of NdFeB magnets, which can help you design the size of your products, select the right performance brand and accurate coating, control the material and processing costs, and meet the design requirements of customers at a reasonable price.

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